Where is Helsinki?

Here! Here we are, come visit us!

Where is Helsinki - Europe

Finland is one of the Nordic countries in Europe

Where is Helsinki - Finland

Neighbours via land are Sweden, Norway and Russia

Where is Helsinki - Satellite

The Capital Region includes Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa, whereas Greater Helsinki has an even longer radius

Where is Helsinki - Satellite 2

Downtown Helsinki is rather small (the grey chunk in SW is old harbour area now being built into suburban apartment buildings)

Where is Helsinki - Downtown

Downtown Helsinki including some tourist attractions outside of it

It amused me greatly to read a visitor comment by an American on tripadvisor. The attraction in question was the Market Square and the complaint went along the lines of “It’s too small, you can tour the whole market in half an hour”. Why yes, the population in Finland is about 5.4 million, 1 million of which live in the Greater Helsinki area… We couldn’t fill a larger Market Square and sellers would go out of business. Finland is small, but it doesn’t mean that the experience of visiting will be small. Come see for yourself!


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