Introducing Colour Palettes and Palette #1

I’ve always admired various colour palettes found all over the internet and now I want to make my own! There’s no point in keeping them to myself only, so whenever I feel like making one, I’ll post it for you to see as well.

Solsken Design - Colour palette 1

These colour palettes are licenced (Creative Commons) in such a way that you can share them as long as you credit the original artist, in the photography’s case user sweetjessie on Flickr, whereas the licence of the palette itself can be regulated by me unless the photographer has added claims to his/her work. You cannot make money in any way on these.

I’ve seen quite a few photos, which ask for a similar licence to be applied upon the generated piece of art, so to make things simple, I’ve added a little text area for all this information. If you share it, do link to the URL of this blog article rather than the photo itself or the blog URL; this should go without saying, but it is still necessary to say. “Sharing” includes pinning onto your Pinterest boards. Let’s keep it fun for everyone!


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