SD Quote - Epic begins here 2014-05-09

Life is unpredictable and I haven’t posted in quite some time. At the age of 30+ it’s still possible to say yes to too many things at once, so I’ve been trying to cut down where possible. The shop is open as usual, but social media have indeed suffered a bit.

Personal balance is close to my heart these days and I’ve just made this little quote thingy to remind myself of what is important. In November last year I twisted my ankle and hurt my knee pretty badly, which annoyingly put my running on hold. I had reached the last training of week 8 of couch-to-5K and found myself in a weird place, wanted to keep going but couldn’t. I’ve always been the academic type rather than the athletic and once my momentum was lost, months went by without decent cardio training.

In April, a few weeks ago, I had had enough. I laced my running shoes and started to work through the programme again. Weeks 4 and 5 are done and this weekend I’ll move on to week 6. While it is exhausting, I’m noticing an improvement in my sleeping patterns and also I’m more at peace with myself. I highly recommend couch-to-5K for beginners and gladly offer support, just shout out in the comments.


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