Welcome to the blog of Solsken Design! Solsken is Swedish and means sunshine. The jewellery is inspired by Nordic architecture and design as well as nature itself. Timeless, classic, modern and minimalist are words that describe both visual aspects and quality of components used. You can purchase the jewellery either in the Solsken Design webshop or the Etsy shop.

Solsken Design jewellery is handcrafted in Helsinki, Finland by Nina. I’m in my thirties and have  a background in science and medicine. Books, fabrics, paper, music, great food and wine, family and friends make me happy, and recently I’ve taken up running, which is a wonderful, new way to connect with my surroundings. I’m also a beginner at meditation and yoga.

The novelty of shipping jewellery worldwide doesn’t wear off, even when I’ve been selling since 2011, because whenever I think of a piece I’ve made being worn in a place I’ve never been to, and in most cases never will either, I feel quietly happy.

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I enjoy writing posts and researching new things, so feel free to suggest a topic if you’re interested in learning something I haven’t written about yet. I do my best to reply to comments within 24 hours and in any case I will respond somehow. I’m glad that you’re here!