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Book shopping in Helsinki

Akademiska bokhandeln

Of course there are several book stores in Helsinki, but the one I was introduced to first as a child is Akademiska bokhandeln. It’s situated in the heart of our very small downtown and you can spend quite some time there browsing books, magazines and paper goods, then taking a break at Café Aalto designed by Alvar Aalto himself. A rarity these days, they have table service, which is in line with the fact that the book store is celebrating its 120th year in 2013.

My own bookshelf is overflowing and I’m rarely purchasing new books now, but yesterday I decided to use their loyal-customer card (buy eight pocket books, get ninth for free) on a feel-good book.

Harriet Evans - Going Home

I usually pick the chick-lit novels based on comments from other authors printed onto the front cover, the typefaces and colours used, and the drawing itself (isn’t there always some kind of delicious drawing?), so a bright and cheerful wrapping draws me in just fine when I haven’t read anything by a particular author before. So “Going Home” it is.

If you’re wondering about the quite *ahem* mediocre photo, that’s as bright as I can make it today on the phone camera. It’s only two hours past noon and the sky is all about rain and grey again. /Weather report.

Speaking of books, I’ve seen Good Reads pop up in different contexts with an increasing frequency and apparently there’s even a WordPress widget to display one’s bookshelf in the side column. I think I’m more into collages in posts at this point, but if you have experience with the website, please leave a comment whether you like their service or not!