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Winner of Silver Beehives

Congratulations to Kristy, the winner of my Silver Beehive earrings! Kristy has received an email already.

Thank you so much to everyone, who signed up for the Solsken Design newsletter! I’m putting the final touches on the first newsletter and it will drop into your inbox later this week.

The webshop is still under construction because I have decided to choose another layout theme for it, so there is a delay with a couple of days in going public with it.

In the meantime, the Etsy shop is open and currently we are celebrating Cyber Monday with 15% off all products.

Happy 1 December and have fun opening your Advent Calendar, if there is such a thing in your home!


Autumn Sale

SolskenDesign Components 2014-11-16

There is an Autumn Sale with 20% off on all products in the Solsken Design Etsy shop right now, so welcome to stop by! The website shop is under construction currently, but will be back up and running in a week’s time or so.

This is the optimal time to purchase holiday gifts, since Solsken Design is based in Helsinki, Finland, and shipping times during December month are tight. The usual cut-off date is around 2 or 3 December for international destinations outside of Europe, unless one chooses to live dangerously in hope that a shipment might arrive regardless of a later purchase date.

If it has been a while since you stopped by the shop last time, I have introduced some new products and more are being added constantly. Here is a pair of recently listed, glittery earrings perfect for the seasonal parties including New Year’s Eve festivities:

Solsken Design - Frozen Water earrings 2014-11-16

Solsken Design – Frozen Water earrings

I call them Frozen Water as they are absolutely stunning in person, and oh so challenging to capture with camera. You really have to see the rays of light dancing on and through them to know what I mean.

They have a nice length to them, too, seeing as they are nearly 5 cm or 2 inches tall. The jump ring I’ve chosen is slightly larger to compliment the round shape of the upper crystal and to give a touch of rough-chain feel, as well.

I’m breathing life into the Twitter and Facebook accounts again, so make sure to follow me there, as followers will have a chance to win a pair of earrings – which will arrive on time before Christmas of course :) But more about that later!

You know that feeling?

You know that feeling of nothing being exciting about the thing that used to make you happy? It’s been a first for me and the reasons for my coming to a halt are more than I care to mention.

Out of my customers point of view, however, it’s important that I speak my peace regarding Etsy. It is a venue for handmade – or “handmade” as it is about to become officially now, not just unofficially – and I was a typical seller there, madly in love with all the closeness, friendliness, sharing, caring, lovely handmade things. At some point the pink glasses began to come off and within the first six months they had come off permanently.

Suffice to say I’ve never experienced an online service provider of any kind, who treat their customers as mind-bogglingly badly as Etsy staff do. People are “muted” left and right, and non-US sellers always get shop features (gift cards and direct checkout among others) months or a year later than those in the US, even though the same listing fees have been paid. Once you have been muted, you can’t post in the Bugs section of the forum even, but have to reach out via other sellers or send an email that with great likelihood never is responded to. I’ve heard more than one story of unfair treatment and it is simply not good enough.

The last nail in the coffin for myself was their announcement last week. Factory-made goods will now be allowed and the meaning of handmade has been re-written by Etsy. CEO Chad Dickerson’s speech caused a flood of sellers to branch out from Etsy or close their shops entirely. If you’re interested in a fairly neutral commentary on the situation, please read “Do Etsy’s changes risk making it like eBay?” published on Market Watch.

The small but upcoming venue Zibbet got the lion’s share of angry sellers, me included. Currently, my shop is still open on Etsy, but I’m working on moving the existing inventory to my website shop and the Zibbet shop. I will let the dust settle a bit before making further decisions regarding the future of the Etsy shop.

There have been other more personal reasons for my rare appearances here, but I’ve recently enrolled in some Craftsy classes on jewellery making and have eagerly learned a few new techniques, which I’m practicing as we speak. My little business came to a point where I had to decide whether to keep fiddling at level 1.0 or perhaps take it to 2.0 already.

I chose the second alternative and have during the past few days experienced an energy injection in the creativity department that I recognise only from the early days of making earrings!

Stay tuned for lots of lovely pieces in the shops as well as educational, inspirational, and/or funny output here on the blog and in the other social media (links in the column on the right side)! I might even announce a give-away very soon, but that’s a secret.

After rowing back and forth…

After rowing back and forth, the setup is now permanent. The blog part of Solsken Design is to stay here and the shop part is to be found at (service provider was shuffled around last week). The Etsy shop is also open, should you prefer to use your account there.


Helsinki by night

This also means that from this week on, blog articles will be published regularly, according to the already presented schedule. New for the summer is a series on Helsinki. Winter photography can be a bit tricky here, so I’m happy to be able to utilize the light, when showing off my beautiful home town. I will start from various locations free of charge, because life as a tourist is usually not very affordable, and hope you will be inspired to visit this Northern location soon!