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Beautiful calligraphy

Stunning typography by Barbara Calzolari as part of a TEDx event in Bologna earlier this year.


Spring means new beginnings

Hello hello! Are you looking to get organised and decluttered? Here are some tips then:

  • My blogging-themed Pinterest board; free printables and infographics on SEO, writing, etc.
  • I’ve heard great things about Project 333 and am intrigued enough to read blog articles on the website regarding creating a capsule wardrobe.
  • If cleaning is the natural word to put after Spring, look no further than my cleaning-themed Pinterest board. Personally I’m more into dealing with as I go, but there’s nothing quite like a home after a top-to-bottom cleaning frenzy.
  • Is your bank account screaming in dissatisfaction? A month-long project called 31 Days to Fix Your Finances might be the answer. It’s painfully thorough, but I’m never been quite as aware of my cash flow as after having finished my own project.
  • Since I’m a sucker for happy endings, make a cocktail or two! I’ve got you covered with yet another Pinterest board, Party | Drink. If you prefer something without alcohol, there’s Everyday | Drink, too.

Pinterest is causing mixed feelings in me and it is more meaningful to me when I can create the boards with someone else – you – in mind. All of the pins are there because they are pretty and/or useful, but many I will never use in my own everyday life.

They might inspire someone else, though, so I keep adding to each of my many boards whenever I think a pin is particularly nice in one way or the other. Happy Thursday!

Visual Thursday links

There’s so much to experience around us constantly that I don’t want to add to the overload, so from now on there will be a maximum of five links presented each Thursday. Short but sweet!

Today, the theme is colour and graphics:

Happy Thursday to you!

Last day of October links


Thomas Backa, Flickr

Happy Halloween to those, who celebrate it! For the rest of us, it’s simply the last day of October and since it’s also Thursday, that means link time.

Have fun and stay safe if you’re trick-or-treating out there!

Links in honour of autumn leaves

The trees with leaves are displaying a gorgeous range of colours here in Helsinki at the time being, so today’s Thursday links are collected in their honour.

Lovely, free printable clock for learning the time, mini-eco

How to create a fall table arrangement with poppies and posies, Design*Sponge

Geometric prints DIY, sinnenrausch

Fruity simple syrups, Sweet Paul

Article: “Get over yourself: How your ego sabotages your creativity”, Todd Henry at 99U

The Nobel Prize in Literature to Alice Munro.



Summer links

It’s Thursday and that means link time! While we are almost in July already, it is never too late for some flowers and stuff either indoors or outdoors.

Hanging Herb Garden, Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business

Free beautiful summer printable, jones design company

Magnetic washi tape bookmarks, A Lemon Squeezy Home

If you get thirsty, whilst enjoying your summer at work still, how about some non-alcoholic drinks? Clemence of Oh the lovely things has made a delicious-looking roundup of ten drinks.