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Weddings and Pinterest – Part 2

SolskenDesign - Organise wedding on Pinterest

In Weddings and Pinterest Part 1, I gave some suggestions on who to follow on Pinterest for great wedding-related pins. Now I’ll share my ideas on how to arrange your boards when you’re planning your own wedding or are helping someone else plan theirs.

I pin to boards of many different topics, so to find quickly what I’m looking for I’ve named them “Party | Palette & Theme” or “Party | Halloween” when it makes sense to keep pins of broad different contexts separated.

Another example is “Craft | Yarn” and “Craft | Paper” when I have sub-interests within that context (crafting) and like to keep pins on different boards. All craft-related boards sit next to each other, though.

When there’s a need to divide even further, I pin like this:

  • “Home | Decor”
  • “Home | Clean”
  • “Home | Organize” (general organising)
  • “Home | Organize, Kitchen” (lots of printables for jars, various kitchen helpers, tips, etc.)
  • “Home | Organize in 2013” (printables specific to 2013)
  • “Home | Organize in 2013” (printables specific to 2014)

When you look at the list of boards, it’s great to see which ones are related, since you can’t but scroll that list. What I mean is there’s no built-in feature at the time being to zoom in or out, so the icons for each board are quite large, and helping the brain register contexts quicker happens through streamlining the titles. It also helps to pick carefully the main photo in order to tone down visual clutter of the profile page with all the boards.

SolskenDesign - Wedding boards on Pinterest

Solsken Design boards on Pinterest

I’m not planning a wedding, but if I were, I would either drop “Wedding” from the titles entirely to increase available visible characters, or I’d shorten it to “W | Stationery” and so on. I’m also just starting with creating boards for this Wedding Wednesday blog series, so quite a few contexts are still missing.

The “Party | Wedding” exists as a general board at the end of the party-related boards and I’ve put pins there that don’t have homes elsewhere.

Personally, when planning a wedding, I’d like more sub-contexts available, so for instance:

  • “Stationery | Save-the-Date”
  • “Stationery | Invitation”
  • “Stationery | Menu” and
  • “Stationery | Guest book”

would be created. As you can see from the STD board in particular, its name is so long that you can’t fit many more characters or the title ends up not showing in its entirety on the profile page. The bride, depending on her taste, might also want to create separate boards for shoes, the gown, veil and so on. The reception in my case covers more contexts than I can count right now and according to venue, budget, amount of guests, etc. I’d split up in sub-boards.

The order of the boards is also a personal choice. I started with stationery because I perceive the process to begin from the save-the-date card, or rather the brainstorming and selection of it, but then I come from a country where engagement parties aren’t common right now.

Regardless of how you decide to divide pins and organise your thoughts, for your own sake be consistent according to an informed decision. The last thing you need is chaos at the wrong time, but pinning with care and making sure to add precise comments to each pin will help you use also the search function, if a pin by mistake has found its way to the wrong board. Weeding pins that turned out not to be keepers is another good practice!

Have fun pinning and happy planning!


Wedding theme colours

If the only theme at your wedding is a set of colours, make sure you don’t pick too many different ones, or it can become difficult to create a cohesive look. I’m a huge fan of Design Seeds, where Jessica creates several gorgeous colour palettes a week, many of which are perfect sources of inspiration when deciding your colours. There are always six colours picked per photo, but personally I would pick fewer for this purpose.

Caribbean color – Perfect for a summer wedding, at the beach perhaps

Fig hues – Vibrant fall colours

Lemon thyme – Spring is the time of bright green after a long white winter

Blueberry tones – Blueberries are delicious even in the winter

Jessica has a degree in arts, so if you don’t trust your own eye, maybe pick one of her creations as a starting point? As you can see, she has good taste!

Weddings and Pinterest – Part 1

For brides with an eye for aesthetics, Pinterest can be very helpful as a planning tool alongside the more traditional tools found on sites such as The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings, or the pen-and-paper version of organising one’s event found at russel+hazel (a template consisting of 57 pages!).

While the checklists, seating tools, etc. keep even the absent-minded bride in check, nothing beats the fantastic visual feast that Pinterest offers. A picture does indeed say more than a thousand words in many cases and all the photos you can collect in one place offer a chance to communicate efficiently and wirelessly while decreasing dramatically the risk of misunderstandings between those involved in the planning.

Anyone with an account there can invite others to pin to shared boards and this could work very nicely for a group of bridesmaids in charge of a particular part of a reception for instance. Especially after the introduction of secret boards, I wouldn’t like to organise any type of event without having done some idea hunting on Pinterest first.

There are many wonderful wedding blogs out there and these are some of my favourites, with links to their Pinterest accounts (you find their blogs and websites through links from their profiles):

To help you get started with your wedding planning, in part 2, I will present a list of boards to keep your ideas organised. Do check out the websites I linked to above though, as they are a true visual treat!

The introductory article to the Wednesday Weddings series was published this week.