SD Quote - Epic begins here 2014-05-09

Life is unpredictable and I haven’t posted in quite some time. At the age of 30+ it’s still possible to say yes to too many things at once, so I’ve been trying to cut down where possible. The shop is open as usual, but social media have indeed suffered a bit.

Personal balance is close to my heart these days and I’ve just made this little quote thingy to remind myself of what is important. In November last year I twisted my ankle and hurt my knee pretty badly, which annoyingly put my running on hold. I had reached the last training of week 8 of couch-to-5K and found myself in a weird place, wanted to keep going but couldn’t. I’ve always been the academic type rather than the athletic and once my momentum was lost, months went by without decent cardio training.

In April, a few weeks ago, I had had enough. I laced my running shoes and started to work through the programme again. Weeks 4 and 5 are done and this weekend I’ll move on to week 6. While it is exhausting, I’m noticing an improvement in my sleeping patterns and also I’m more at peace with myself. I highly recommend couch-to-5K for beginners and gladly offer support, just shout out in the comments.


Aquamarine – March birthstone


Vassil, Wikipedia

Aquamarine (Lat. aqua marina, water of the sea) is the March birthstone and a silicate mineral with the chemical formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6. All minerals of the beryl group consist of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate and aquamarine is its turquoise or blue variety.

If this mineral has a very deep blue colour, you might find it called maxixe. The beryl minerals belong to the cyclosilicates, a sub-group of silicates, and as the name implies there’s a ring structure in the crystal.

The presence of iron ions alters the colour. Fe2+ ions cause a crystal to look pale blue, whereas Fe3+ make it yellow-golden. A combination of both ions produces a dark blue colour, maxixe. Sunlight or heat treatment lighten the mineral. Aquamarine is transparent and 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, with 7-10 being able to scratch the surface of glass, and 1-6 being damaged by a scratching knife along their surface. Diamond is the hardest at 10 and talc the softest at 1.

Aquamarines have been used in royal jewellery for hundreds of years and in the English crown there’s a 920-carat gem. Already at the end of 1300, the first pair of lenses was made from aquamarine for spectacles. The etymology of beryl is quite interesting and the German word for eyeglasses, Brille, might not be so illogical after all.

The crystals found in many locations around the world can become large and the heaviest one of gemstone quality found to date weighs 110.5 kg. The largest cut gem can be seen in the National Museum of Natural History, part of Smithsonian Institute.

Jewellery containing aquamarines can be cleaned quickly under running water. The gemstone is brittle so please treat it with care.

Spring means new beginnings

Hello hello! Are you looking to get organised and decluttered? Here are some tips then:

  • My blogging-themed Pinterest board; free printables and infographics on SEO, writing, etc.
  • I’ve heard great things about Project 333 and am intrigued enough to read blog articles on the website regarding creating a capsule wardrobe.
  • If cleaning is the natural word to put after Spring, look no further than my cleaning-themed Pinterest board. Personally I’m more into dealing with as I go, but there’s nothing quite like a home after a top-to-bottom cleaning frenzy.
  • Is your bank account screaming in dissatisfaction? A month-long project called 31 Days to Fix Your Finances might be the answer. It’s painfully thorough, but I’m never been quite as aware of my cash flow as after having finished my own project.
  • Since I’m a sucker for happy endings, make a cocktail or two! I’ve got you covered with yet another Pinterest board, Party | Drink. If you prefer something without alcohol, there’s Everyday | Drink, too.

Pinterest is causing mixed feelings in me and it is more meaningful to me when I can create the boards with someone else – you – in mind. All of the pins are there because they are pretty and/or useful, but many I will never use in my own everyday life.

They might inspire someone else, though, so I keep adding to each of my many boards whenever I think a pin is particularly nice in one way or the other. Happy Thursday!

Visual Thursday links

There’s so much to experience around us constantly that I don’t want to add to the overload, so from now on there will be a maximum of five links presented each Thursday. Short but sweet!

Today, the theme is colour and graphics:

Happy Thursday to you!

Blog love…

I’m on bloglovin’ if you like using that platform to organise your blog reading. Follow my blog there if you like.

Drawing hearts

I saw this lovely little video “How to draw hearts with circles: A geometric love story” on Design*Sponge. Fiber Lab‘s Justina Yang has found the beauty of geometric simplicity.

A break until Monday

Apologies about the missing posts this week. I’ve been under considerable pressure about a personal matter for quite some time and it finally came to an end yesterday – with the best possible outcome. While I’m pleased as punch, I’m also completely drained thanks to the fact that it’s been developing ever since August. Hence I’ll get back to posting on schedule as per Monday and in the meantime I wish everyone a lovely weekend!