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Weddings and Pinterest – Part 1

For brides with an eye for aesthetics, Pinterest can be very helpful as a planning tool alongside the more traditional tools found on sites such as The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings, or the pen-and-paper version of organising one’s event found at russel+hazel (a template consisting of 57 pages!).

While the checklists, seating tools, etc. keep even the absent-minded bride in check, nothing beats the fantastic visual feast that Pinterest offers. A picture does indeed say more than a thousand words in many cases and all the photos you can collect in one place offer a chance to communicate efficiently and wirelessly while decreasing dramatically the risk of misunderstandings between those involved in the planning.

Anyone with an account there can invite others to pin to shared boards and this could work very nicely for a group of bridesmaids in charge of a particular part of a reception for instance. Especially after the introduction of secret boards, I wouldn’t like to organise any type of event without having done some idea hunting on Pinterest first.

There are many wonderful wedding blogs out there and these are some of my favourites, with links to their Pinterest accounts (you find their blogs and websites through links from their profiles):

To help you get started with your wedding planning, in part 2, I will present a list of boards to keep your ideas organised. Do check out the websites I linked to above though, as they are a true visual treat!

The introductory article to the Wednesday Weddings series was published this week.